Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx)

Free Download Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx) Full Version, Its powerful Developer Tools to helps you like a provesional developers. Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx) Latest version come with new features and benefits, You can download Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx) from populars filehosting like a mediafire, rapidshare, tusfiles, solidfiles and much more. Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx) free of corse on-in dlr4pc.com!!!

Golaem Crowd 5.3.4 For Maya 2015-2017 (Win/Lnx) | 255 Mb
Golaem Crowd 5, Take Full Control Of Your Crowds. In addition to an improved animation system, Golaem Crowd 5 enables to create more sophisticated shots and to populate scenes even faster by providing artists full control over the simulation. Golaem Crowd is being used by more than hundred vfx studios worldwide. The newest releases include Dracula Untold (Framestore), Hercules (Milk VFX, Cinesite), 22 Jump Street (Pixel Magic)… Golaem Crowd helped them ramp up on crowds and deliver great projects quickly.  

Golaem Crowd 5 provides more advanced features with the same ease of use and facilitates the interaction of the crowd simulation with other elements in the shot: open access to simulation data, curve driven simulation, simulation cache scrubbing and editing¦ Artists can now take dailies requests into account immediately, without going back to the simulation, and get their shots validated in no time.



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